Blanket Fort

by Bad Cover Band Sam

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We make music for our friends.


released February 4, 2017

All songs written and performed by Bad Cover Band Sam
Recorded and mixed in 2016-2017 at Gaslight Studio in St. Louis, MO by Zagk Gibbons
Mastered in 2017 at Utopia Studios in St. Louis, MO by Tazu Marshall
Artwork by Myranda Harnage -



all rights reserved


Bad Cover Band Sam

Friends! Steven Allen and Michael Allen (formerly of Chattanooga, TN, punk band Test Dream) started this new project in St. Louis, MO. We have guitars and drums and desperate poetry* and trumpet. Let's make music for our friends! Take care of each other.

*I Still Believe, by Frank Turner, on Love, Ire, and Song
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Track Name: New Recording 33
It's like we're waiting for something to happen to make us happy it won't come that's not how life works get off the couch create something do something nice for someone else because you've been tired lately you've been miserable at work and you're too young to feel like this for the rest of your life so I quit my job took your advice and went out it was a good night thanks man I woke up on the couch fully clothed beer bottles everywhere so what do I do now I'll make some breakfast for too long I'll read a book for way too long I'll play guitar for way too fucking long we all get lost sometimes so keep your head up kid you'll be alright
Track Name: Leaf on the Wind
With winter's cold creeping into my bones I had the thought of you to keep me warm like a winter's coat but seasons change and goddammit so did your mind what I've got left are thoughts of you gone cold of when you were mine three months just isn't enough a year ago we were just sitting and talking in your car but now here I am just thinking of you while packing up my car it's time to move it's time to move on it's time the leaves that fell will grow back again
Track Name: History Museum
These pictures and artifacts on the wall they just break my heart this is a monument to all of the terrible things we've done in the wake of a great disaster this city said we don't need your help we take care of our own but guess what they don't and it built itself back eventually like broken bones a little askew one good nudge could break them again these hearts they work so hard to feel like when they were young and my pictures on the walls show images of hearts less broken but we're rebuilding
Track Name: Syrup Slingers
No I don't read the news because I don't like it so excuse me from this conversation because I don't like it stop talking to me like I'm an asshole or like I don't get it maybe we just don't like the same things is that alright with you well maybe you're just an asshole maybe we could set aside all this fake shit maybe we could talk like two human beings should maybe we could just admit the world is falling apart and what are you doing about it while you sip your favorite cup of coffee ground from organic Colombian beans and read of the latest tragedy from your tiny portable screen I bet I know what'll keep you up tonight is too much caffeine
Track Name: The Lost Cunningham
I'm sorry friends that I won't call you back nine times of ten when I move towns we won't keep in touch unless you care enough and I'm sorry family that I don't call that much just birthdays some holidays I'm no good at keeping in touch and I hate phone calls I'm sorry pretty girls that I'm not interested in what you're saying unless you're coming home with me tonight because all these nights they get so fucking lonely sleeping in big empty beds I guess that's why I sleep on the couch it's a lovely night I should call my friends up I should call my mom just to tell her I love her I should talk to all the pretty girls I can but I won't it's a lovely night to stay inside to stare at the tv screen too long to get drunk all alone to just go to sleep right now
Track Name: Adult Eddie Munster
I took a walk all alone in the dark to prove the things we read about as youths are true and to my surprise and dismay I saw a pair of red eyes staring back at me from a puddle the monsters get us in the end when I was a child I would dream of what type of man I could be perhaps a doctor who cures disease but lately it seems I only dream as a side effect of too much sleep my friend Drac he says the monsters get us in the end my friend Hyde he says the monsters get us in the end my friend Meursault he says why otherwise pretend
Track Name: City of
I'm not gonna burn this bridge I'll just stop going this way and let time and neglect lead to disrepair and I won't find your heart though you try so hard I'll just wait around letting my heart collect dust but I'm trying I swear to get better who the hell are you talking to kid you're in your head again and no one can hear just say something I'll start tomorrow I swear
Track Name: The Great Experiment
Some days I wonder how I got here I'm in a pretty good place but sometimes it doesn't feel that way growing older every day sometimes doesn't feel that way I want to strive to live a better life isn't that all we can do I want to be a good person learn from mistakes grow from my faults isn't that all we can do I love the songs about being better I love the songs about being bigger than we thought we could be I love the parts in those songs that turn everyone into heroes so go be heroes it's convenient when your role models are the same age they grow with you gray with you mine have taught me how to be happy and what to avoid when you're sad essential are your friends and family they'll always be around I love the songs about friends I love the songs about really needing each other I love the parts in those songs when everyone sings together so we sing together we'll always be here